Star is a 2012 filly out of Cowboy's Comanche Lace by Kokomo Joe.  She is a very well put together horse with a strong Spanish Type.  We expect her to reach a grown height of over 14 hands.  She has a perfect combination of spirit received from her momma and a calm demeanor handed down from daddy.

SEX:  Filly

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Comanche Star

DOB:  7/13/2012

SSMA REG No:  2999

Koko's Quahadi Smoke, Smokey, is a 2012 gelding out of Tulsa de Huasteca by Kokomo Joe.

He is a classic Bay color with heavy bone and four black hooves.  He will be a sturdy horse, stronger than what his size implies.    In June of  2015, Smokey stood at 13-0 hands and taped at 570 lbs.    We expect him to reach 14-0 hands by 9 yrs old.

Smokey has the very gentle disposition  of his sire, Kokomo Joe and the loyalty of his dam, Tulsa de Huasteca.  He is halter broke, very easy to catch, trailer loads, stands tied, stands for grooming, is accustomed to kids and dogs, has been through ground training, introduced to the saddle, just an overall rock solid gentleman, ready to go any direction you may want to take him.   Smokey has even been horse camping and exposed to all kinds of stimulus outside of the pasture.

If you are looking for a great young gelding with bloodlines that represent the foundation heritage of these rare horses, Smokey could fill the bill.  Contact us to see how we can put him in your horse future.

SEX:  Gelding

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Quahadi Smoke

DOB:  03/31/2012

SSMA REG No:  2998

For Sale - 2 yr Olds and Older

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