SEX: Filly

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Lucky Cowgirl

DOB:  4/14/2015

SSMA REG No:  Pending

SEX: Colt

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Comanche Cowboy

DOB:  6/13/2013

SSMA REG No:  Pending

Cowgirl is a 2015 Filly out of Tulsa de Huasteca by Kokomo Joe.  She has a small white blaze and looks to become a light grulla with all the appropriate primitive marks.  Her name, Cowgirl was chosen because she will be a near perfect match to her half brother Cowboy who happens to be one month her senior. Cowgirl sold in June of 2017 and has gone to a home in Oklahoma.

Lonestar Spanish Mustangs Who Have Gone to New Homes

Ellie is a 2013 filly out of Cowboy's Comanche Lace by Kokomo Joe.

If old world classic dun color is your love, then this is your girl. She carries every color trait one could want. Dun stripe, leg bars, shoulder barring, cob webbing on the forehead, dimples, bi-colored main and tail, she has it all. Ellie is typical old world Spanish type, her confirmation is correct. She has a soft eye, correct head, hip, withers and heart girth. She comes across the pasture to inquire as to your business and get her share of the love and attention. She is very well mannered, catches you, lowers her head for haltering, trailer loads, lifts her feet, follows the lead on a line. She brings the best traits of both her sire and dam to fruition in a very well rounded and sound minded horse.

Ellie sold in 2017 as a four year old and now resides in central Colorado.



SEX: Filly

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Choctaw Lightning

DOB:  6/13/2013

SSMA REG No:  3000

SEX:  Colt

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Gold Banditto

DOB:  02/15/2014

SSMA REG No:  3002

Koko's Gold Banditto (SSMA 3002) is a 2014 Colt out of Phantom's Gold Lightning (SSMA 2997) by Kokomo Joe (SSMA 2841). His Sire and Dam are included in the pictures above, as is his Grand Dam through (Phantom's Gold Lightning), Banditto's Comanche Maid (SSMA 2558). Bandit's lineage represents multiple Spanish strains and are comprised as follows: 
Choctaw - 55%
Huasteca - 17%
Old Gilbert Jones lines, Bookcliffs, Cheyenne, Crow, Shoshoni and Arizona strains make up the rest.

Congratulations to Amanda Cochran of Kerrville, Texas. She is the new owner of Koko's Gold Banditto. Bandit will remain with Lonestar Spanish Mustangs throughout the winter of 2014-15 until he is naturally weaned by the momma. During this time he will continue undergoing training. At his new home, Bandit will be introduced to Sacred Ground's Rain (also pictured above) with plans of someday serving as sire to a new line of SSMA bred horses. Intentions also include, perhaps a run at endurance competition as Endurance Championship runs in his blood.

Thank you Amanda for choosing Lonestar Spanish Mustangs!

Cowboy is a 2015 Colt out of Cowboy's Comanche Lace by Kokomo Joe. He has a crescent moon blaze and two white rear socks. He looks like he will be a classic grulla dun complete with leg barring, shoulder barring and bi color main and tail.

Cowboy sold as a 2 yr old and will be going home in the area north of Yellowstone.  He will stay with us through the spring of 2018 for training and starting under saddle.

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