Smokey is a 2012 gelding out of Tulsa de Huasteca by Kokomo Joe.  He is a classic Bay color and is showing roaning around the tail base and in the flanks.  As he ages, he is developing a snowflake app pattern on his back.  He promises to be a real looker.

Cherokee is out of Swinging J's Riconee by Scotty.  He is a high percentage Choctaw with 18% Cherokee and a dash of Huasteca in him.  He is Choctaw Horse Conservation Program EligibleHe will be started under saddle in 2015 as a four year old and promises to be a steady mount.

SEX:  Gelding

PEDIGREE:  Spooky Night Flight

DOB:  1998

SSMA REG No:  2509

The Geldings at Lonestar Spanish Mustangs

SEX:  Gelding

PEDIGREE:  Koko's Quahadi Smoke

DOB:  03/31/2012

SSMA REG No:  2998

Loha is out of Quanah's Starlite by Hidalgo. He is a 100% Choctaw. He goes back to Chief Pushmataha 6 times.  Four times on his sire's side and twice on the dam's side. He goes back to Mexican Joe (Huasteca) and Tierras Lightning (Gilbert Jones) however these are small enough percentages that he is considered a 100% Choctaw horse.
Loha is a rock solid riding horse.  He has been ridden in the Colorado Rockies, picket lined on camping trips, hunted off of, carried grandchildren and trailered many hundreds of miles.  He is one GOOD horse!


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SEX:  Gelding

PEDIGREE:  Cherokee Chief

DOB:  04/05/2010

SSMA REG No:  2996