SEX:  Colt

NAME: Koko's Lucky Night

DOB:  04/25/2014

SSMA REG No: Never Registered

Kota was out of Satana's Carmin by Manito.

He had a strong Choctaw lineage,  going back to Chief Pushmataha 7 times.  Four times on his sire's side and three times on the dam's side.  He had other lines going back to pure Choctaw blood.  He had strong northern lines through Ute 7 times.  Five times on his sire's side.  Twice on his dam's side.  He also went back to northern lines though Yellow Fox on both sides.  Strong Huasteca influence came through Mexican Joe 4 times on his dam's side. 

He went back to old Gibert Jones blood with Tierras Lightning on top and bottom.  He also went back to Gilbert Jones Foundation lines through Mexico and Bell Gray Mare on his dam's side. 

Kota was the first horse that I started entirely from scratch. He had never been touched (other than being caught as a yearling, gelded and released into the Kiamichi wilderness). As a five year old, he and I began a love hate relationship where I started learning horsemanship and he started learning to trust.

In 2013, as an 8 year old, he was strongly bonded yet still aloof and true to his wild roots. He and I had a very special bond. He loved to please, knew very well how to learn and searched diligently for the answer when training was undertaken. A special horse for me. We started together.

On the evening of Friday August 2nd, 2013 we found Kota dead in the run-in shed. There are speculations as to what might have occurred, but we really have no idea how he died. A sad and unexpected end to a good relationship.

I loved that horse.       

Lady was out of Red Sky by Dunny's Kid. Lady had a great blend of Northern blood, Gilbert Jones Foundation lines, Choctaw blood and Huasteca. We only had her for a short time in the spring and summer of 2010. She left us on July 8, 2010 in a very quick and heart breaking accident. She was a good one, with a promising future.

SEX:  Mare

REG. NAME:Never Registered



The Ones we Miss at Lonestarspanish Mustangs


SEX:  Colt

REG. NAME: Koko's Huasteca Shadow

DOB:  04/03/2013

SSMA REG No: 3001

SEX:  Gelding


DOB:  2005

SSMA REG No:  2842



Shadow was out of Kokomo Joe by Tulsa de Huasteca.

He was a dark grulla color with no white on him.  I prefer a light grulla, however I thought Shadow was the prettiest horse we own. 

We lost him on 09/28/14 to complications following a severe case of choking on a pelleted diet.  Now, when feeding pellets, they are soaked in water prior to feeding.

It seems you always lose your best ones.  We miss him.


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 Midnight was out of Kokomo Joe by Tulsa de Huasteca.

Midnight was a true black with a small white patch on his right rear foot.  He had a personality like none other.  He was our largest foal to date with brains, brio and breeding to be a great one.

On 02/26/2015 we lost him due to a severe break of his hind leg.  It was a heart wrenching day at LSM .