SEX:  Filly

PEDIGREE:Koko's Huasteca Beauty

DOB:  04/28/16

SSMA REG No:  Pending

SEX:  Filly

PEDIGREE:Koko's Choctaw Rain

DOB:  08/28/2016

SSMA REG No:  Pending

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SEX:  Filly

PEDIGREE: Koko's Moonlight Maiden

DOB:  03/20/16

SSMA REG No:  Pending

Moonie is a 2016 filly out of Cowboy's Comanche Lace by Kokomo Joe.  She has a small white blaze and looks to become either a dark grulla or a black.   Moonie goes back to some of the foundational greats on her momma's side and gets the rock solid dependability and level headed spirit of the Choctaw horse from her sire. She promises to be a nice sized very well balanced mare.

SEX:  Colt

PEDIGREE:Koko's Stolen Gold

DOB:  01/31/16

SSMA REG No:  Pending

For Sale - Weanlings and Yearlings


Rain is our first filly out of Rickman's Lady. Rain is a high percentage Choctaw filly and lives up to the Choctaw reputation of being people oriented. She has a dog like disposition in that she always come to you for her share of attention. Her conformation is perfect, her color is outstanding. She will be a great representative of the Choctaw strain.


Beauty is a 2016 filly out of Tulsa de Huasteca by Kokomo Joe.  She was born coal black and may keep that color. There is roaning in her flanks and white hairs at the base of her tail. Quite a beautiful little specimen. This combination of Koko and Tulsa has produced some exceptional stock in the past and we believe Beauty will meet those standards.


Vasper (barn name) is a 2016 Colt out of Phantom's Gold Lightning by Kokomo Joe. He is a classic dun color with black points and no white. He has four black hooves. His disposition is exceptional. He comes from the great endurance horse Bandittos Gold on his mother's side and inherits the Choctaw traits of a sound disposition and gentle spirit from his sire.